Ryan Steely
- Bio

Very few artists possess the requisite blend of talent, passion, imagination, and dedication that it takes to inspire the masses while building a successful business. Introducing Ryan Steely, one of the few creative design entrepreneurs that actually made it work - twice.

"You know when you ask a little kid what they want to be when they grow up? I always wanted to be an Artist. In my own little world, Im living my dream."

Ryan Steely was born and raised in Southern California where he still resides and where his family has lived for four generations. As far back as he remembers his focus was to become an graphic artist. With no formal training or schooling, Ryan was able to hone his craft and expand his skill set while working long hours at a local print shop where he learned the printing process from begining to end. Once the opportunity presented itself, he landed a position as a designer with an advertising agency where he quickly ascended to creative director. Not one to rest on his laurels (or take orders from others!), he eventually broke away and started a design agency .

His passion for skateboarding led his agency into business relationships with action sports, lifestyle, and apparel companies such as KMC Wheels, Von Zipper, Globe Shoes, Von Dutch Performance, Sirius Satellite Radio, Nixon, and Hart & Huntington. As Ryan's artistic reputation expanded, his agency was able to cultivate exciting new business opportunities in the mobile application and video game industry. These new projects included design work on popular titles such as Baja: Edge of Control, 2XL Supercross, ATV Offroad, Tapper World Tour, and Ricky Carmichael's Motocross Matchup

"I've always been in to action sports and the lifestyle that surrounds it, so it was very natural for me to mix this with my artwork and develop a style that has helped shape some exciting brands."

After eight years of constant growth, and countless sleepless nights, Ryan decided to "settle down" and exit his own agency to accept a VP of Marketing position with one of his biggest clients. He worked tirelessly to rebrand the identity of the entire organization while developing and launching an innovative sales and marketing campaign. He found great value at the time in working a "nine to five", spending quality time with his wife Nikki and his two children, Robin and Murphy. However, he missed the excitement and freedom of running his own agency and began laying the foundation for a new agency appropriately named SOA32 (Starting Over At 32).

"I am building the agency that I've always wanted and am very excited about what the future holds."

And so goes the story of Ryan Steely.
No rest for the wicked.